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Katipo – Year 3 blog

What’s The Time Mr Wolf

In Year three we have been learning how to tell the time on an analogue clock.  To complete our topic on time we did a treasure hunt.  With a buddy we had to read the time on the clocks and write the answers on the answer sheet.  We had so much fun.

Worry, worry go away!

The Katipo class has discovered that we all have worry monsters and that they all look different and come invade our heads at different times and places.  Some even found that their worry monster can change form and follow them around.  We have been discussing how we get rid of our worry monsters?

First we drew what our monster looked like, named it, how it makes us feel, where and when it visits and most importantly how we can make it disappear.

Sharing our worries has helped us understand that everyone has worries and it is totally normal.  However how we deal with our worries, ensuring they don’t take over is very important.

Worry, worry go away,

Go visit some other stray.

You’ve had your fun,

Now it’s time for you to run.

You’ve taught me what I need to know

And from your lessons I will grow.


Floating and Flying

Did you know……..

  • That if a boat has a V shape with no weight in it, it will sink.
  • You cannot push a cup upside down in a bowl of water because the air fills the space in the cup.
  • Objects with air in them float.
  • We discovered water can act like the force, friction.



Did you know……

  • That a parachute with a hole in the middle floats down more slowly
  • The weight you use has to be the right for the size of the parachute.


We had so much fun finding out about water resistance and and air resistance.



Push, Pull, Squeeze, Twist, Stretch or Pinch

Year three have been learning about forces in Science.  We were all given a piece of modelling clay we had to change the shape by using different forces.  After that in our groups we played a game by rolling a dice then doing the action each number represented by either giving it a squeeze, push, pull, twist, stretch or pinching it the object of the game was to create a dinosaur.  We were given five minutes.  It was so much fun.


    Do you like our dinosaurs we created?  We think we are really clever!

Ancient Museum

We had the privilege of visiting the Year 7 exhibition of the Ancient Museum.  It was incredible the effort the children had gone to with their displays and the information they presented.  The Primary students were very respectful at  listening to the speeches the Year 7 students had prepared.  Definitely highly recommend all parents and families to visit next time I assure you will not be disappointed.


Global Food Day

What a feast we had on Friday.  Food, food glorious food was defiantly the song being sung on Friday.  The array of food from various cultures was certainly spectacular.



It was amazing to see children dressed in traditional clothing from their culture.  We also discovered some interesting facts about different countries.

Yum, Yum Purple Caulifower

We have been enjoying eating the incredible vegetables from our garden especially the purple cauliflower.

A big thank-you to the parents that have given seedlings to replenish the garden.

It has been fantastic seeing the community come and pick fresh vegetables and herbs.

I know the year three students are looking forward to the summer fruits we have planted.

Kiki our class parrot enjoys his fresh vegetables from the garden that we pick for him daily.



School Garden

This term we have been learning about plants. We have planted a school garden as part of our learning, some the seedlings we raised and some we brought. Year three investigated how bulbs grow and we have planted them in the garden also. Please come and look at our garden. When it does start to produce fruit and vegetables it will be for the community to enjoy and hopefully we can use some of it to do some cooking. Year three have been taking great care of it by weeding, watering and taking out dead leaves.

Fascinating Angles

We have been learning how to recognise and measure angles.  To help use find right angles we invented our own tools then tested them out.  It was really fascinating.

Mini Camp

Rain, wind, tent city (inside) pikelets, and sausage sizzle.  What more could one ask for!  That is what we got last Friday for the Year 1 to 3 mini camp.  We had the best time ever regardless of what the weather threw at us.

Dads Day

Last Friday we had the privilege of having our dads and some of  our family members share the morning with us.  We had so much fun!!  In Year 3 we did a tech challenge that involved us being split into two teams.  The challenge was from BP Challenges called ‘Getting the message across’.  We were given the scenario: some friends are trapped on the other side of a wall and across a deep ditch.  They are behind a locked gate and do not have the combination to undo the lock.

One team had to write a message with the combination, put it in a container and make the throwing device using rubber band power.  The other team (at the same time) had to use the supplied equipment to make a retrieval device to collect the message container once over the wall.
Both teams were separated and not allowed to communicate.

Have a look at the photos below to see how we got on.

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